Friday, August 3, 2012

Sold another Beautiful Nude and They may be Warming up...

I am so pleased to sell another framed print of Drapery Pull to a great patron in New York.  I am very proud of my gallery entitled Beautiful Nudes.  I think both the black and white nudes and color nudes are truly beautiful as art and I am glad they are appreciated!  Drapery Pull has a lot of visual drama with the strong light effect and the crowded space.  The girl seems to be pulled in by the setting.  I haven't sold any of the ones in color yet  but I think Repose is one of the best pastels, if not  the best pastel I have ever done.  I am very proud  of my American Artist award from highly acclaimed  pastelist Daniel Greene.  As I have said before, I  live to paint but pastel paintings are great, too.

The other day the gang of mini doberman pinchers next door were starting to bark so loud that it was sounding like a shrill squeal and I let out a moan.  It was in the evening so my  husband said why are you upset, they may not be doing that when we are trying to sleep.  I said how do you know they aren't just warming up like an orchestra?  We don't have air conditioning so this little group of barking tyrants is the bane of my existence right now and I hear one of them is pregnant.  Yikes!
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