Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Beautiful Nude and The Golden Years...

I love what I do but I don't love the photo shoots of my work.  In order to get acceptable prints for internet sales I have to drag my heavy easel outside and set up a tripod.  I have a lot of drawings on paper that I am trying to catch up on and they have to be carefully taped to a drawing board so the image will be perfectly flat.  After each picture I have to take all the tape off and put more on the next drawing.  I have the greatest respect for photographers.  It is back-breaking work to get a good print.  I am amazed at how a slight change in position can yield a completely different image in terms of the color.  After I am done I have to spend a lot of time on Aperture to get the color and contrast right.  My legs and back hurt.  Enough for today!

My husband has been going to a physical therapist due to a fall in a gopher hole that messed up his hip.  Each co-pay is $35.A few years ago he fell on ice and permanently damaged his right hand - luckily he is a leftie. He had to be operated on to the tune of quite a bit of money.  I don't remember how much.  I have mentioned before he is fructose intolerant so we have to buy very expensive substitutes.

He has come to the conclusion that the gold in the phrase Golden Years must refer to the amount of gold one has to have to get through them.  I hope he doesn't have any more serious health issues.  We aren't even in the Golden Years yet.

Again, I am excited about my best-selling print, "Reaching Out" being featured on the set of The Mindy Project which airs September 25th.  I haven't seen it yet in the commercials but it will be in the main character's office.  I used to jokingly tell my husband I should always have my cell phone with me because Hollywood might call.  Well, Hollywood did call and I hope they call again!

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