Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Oil Painting Break and That is the Longest Time...

I am taking another break from oil painting which only lasts as long as I can stand it.  Still, I do like working in other mediums once in a while.  Right now I am working on a large colored pencil still life.  I think it is safe to say that painters and pastel artists are not much on colored pencils but I like to use my least favorite mediums occassionally.  It is a great exercise to work with something that is completely different from globs of paint that have to be thinned down with mineral spirits.  It is great not to hear my exhaust fan!  I hate noise of any kind when I am painting but I also hate inhaling poisonous fumes so I have to have it on.

The other day I made my neighborhood famous chocolate chip cookies.  When my son was young we would have lemonade and cookie sales and the neighbors would line up to get my cookies.  One neighbor said they were the best cookies she had ever had.

 While the cookies were cooling my husband was smashing up a banana for the rice flour banana muffins I make him which are pretty good but nothing like my cookies. As I have mentioned before he had to go on an exceptionally restrictive diet when we finally figured out what was making him sick all these years.  I noticed he kept looking at the cookies and then he said that was the longest time in his whole life he had stared at a cookie without eating it.

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