Monday, September 3, 2012

Sold a Print of Peaks of Otter and A tractor got it...

I am so pleased to add "Swirling Clouds over Peaks of Otter" to my print sales.  A large framed print of this oil painting went to a great patron in Airmont, NY.  I certainly have a lot of originals and prints in places I have never been.  My artwork marches on!  I have been to Spain, France, and Portugal but not to the countries where my work has gone so far.  I would especially like to visit Germany some day.  I also have a patron interested in purchasing the original painting but she is worried it may be too small so she is looking into my larger work before she makes a decision.  Hope she buys more than one!  That would be great!

On Saturdays we almost always take our son and girlfriend out to eat and then she usually wants to go shopping.  I think my son is the best boy-friend ever!  He likes shopping with her.  I would rather watch paint dry than shop but I get dragged along sometimes.  I don't have any friends that hate shopping.  I think I am a weird girl.  Anyway,  we are always glad when they want to go to a restaurant rather than a fast food place.  My husband says fast food hamburgers look like they were run over by a tractor and then the driver decided to back up on it for extra flavor.

Be sure to check out my specials this week in the Limited Time Promotion section on Fine Art America and to look for "Reaching Out" on The Mindy Project which airs September 25th!

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