Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Will be on Youtube Soon and He was not Married Yesterday...

I never know if technology is taking us forward or backwards.  I know some photographers that think 35mm slides have much more depth than digital files.  I have had to work hard to get good files for my website and I would agree that digital photos taken out of doors just don't have the same impact as my kodochrome 35mm slides taken indoors but then I am not a photographer.  I'm sure there are some that disagree and would set me straight.  Anyway, now I am learning how to record my piano music for Youtube.  I have decided that I am going to put up selections of my artwork with my music in the background!  I am excited about having a place to perform without the horrible trepidation of a visible audience.  My fingers actually shake when I have to play for people.  Using a USB mike and figuring out the audacity site is certainly a lot harder than a tape recorder!

As always I like to include some humor but I am all out right now.  I have got to get more from my husband.  He cracked me up last night when he was testing out audacity but the crazy recordings he made are too long for a blog so I am just going to repeat a joke I saw on Facebook.  An extremely overweight man is standing in front of a mirror when his extremely overweight wife asks him if she looks fat.  He answers with," Do I look stupid?  A guy would have to be married yesterday to answer the fat question.

Not too many more days before I will see my best selling print, "Reaching Out" on "The Mindy Project" on Fox TV!  I hope it won't be hard to see.  Many times I will see what looks like a great work of art on TV and I keep yelling, "Get out of the way!" which, of course, does no good.

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