Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eating the Still Life and the only believable part...

I am finally happy with my still life and will eat the fruit before it spoils.  I arm-wrestled it down and I think the result is an especially vibrant still life with strong complementary color contrast and a great spatial effect that is not complicated but draws the viewer into an effective frieze.  As usual I changed my interpretation a number of times and now it says Kendall Kessler.  I love to paint!

The political ads on TV, Facebook, and my land line are really setting my nerves on edge.  I think the land line service is going to come to an abrupt halt!  We all have cell phones.   I would be glad to take our phone, internet, cable bill down a notch and have some peace and quiet.  What a win win! I can't think of anything funny today so I am just going to repeat something I saw on Facebook about political ads.  The old lady said the only thing she believed about those ads was when the candidate says their name and that they approve of the ad.  Maybe there should be some sort of law about presenting false information in an ad.  This campaign reeks of dishonesty.

Be sure to look for my drawing, "Reaching Out" on The Mindy Project.  I didn't see it on the first episode but the set director told me it wouldn't be visible in every episode.  I hope to see it soon!

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