Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I saw it that time on The Mindy Project and Maybe a Trained Monkey...

I was so pleased to see my drawing, "Reaching Out", on The Mindy Project yesterday on Fox TV.  It wasn't visible on the first episode so it was great to see it on the second one.  The set director said it wouldn't be on every show.  I thought the first episode was funny and fun but the second one was hilarious and I am thrilled to have my work on such a good show!  They have great writers and great actors!  I don't watch a lot of TV because I love movies so when I can watch TV I am almost always shoving a DVD in the box.  I will watch The Mindy Project and The Big Bang!  Excellent shows!

I am getting ready to put my second YouTube up and as usual I am having computer trouble.  It seems like I am always searching the help section for one simple thing and looking at tutorials for one simple thing that should be obvious.  Yesterday I watched a tutorial that I'm sure a six-year-old could easily follow.  It could not have been simpler.  I followed the directions and nothing happened.   It seems to me that the only way I can find answers to software problems is to poke around for a while and then, by accident, I find what I want.  I could probably save myself a lot of time if I just got a trained monkey to poke around while I work on a painting or housework or something.  That way I could get something useful done while the monkey finds the solution by accident.

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