Thursday, October 25, 2012

Latest You Tube and Flying out the Window...

I am very pleased with my latest YouTube video on Beautiful Beaches!  The colors in the first ones are great!  The last one is a little low in color due to the lighting in the room I used to made the video.  Since I say welcome to Towhee Hill Studio at the beginning, I guess I should use my studio but the spacing is so awkward in there and the light is better in the computer room.  Anyway, here it is so be sure to look.  If you put my name in the search all four will come up on the first page.

My husband and I are getting so sick of the political commercials and the stream of phone calls to vote the way the caller wants us to.  We are constantly clicking the mute button but the ringing phone is getting on our nerves.  I think there will be one positive outcome of this presidential election.  Out landline is going to fly out the window at a hundred miles an hour and we will just turn off the cells.

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