Monday, October 29, 2012

Strange Experience and I wouldn't text you...

I am hoping to get some work done today on an old painting that I want to add to my portfolio on my website.  It is always a strange experience to work on an old painting.  Even though all of my work has my stamp on it, there are changes over the years that are more evident to me than the viewer.  My methods are completely different from when I started out so the trick is to go back in time to work on an old one or use my current methods to change it completely.  I don't want to do the latter so I have to try and remember how I approached it many years ago.  Art is such a trip!

I have noticed in movies and real life that sometimes people will text very serious messages rather than talk to the person.  Since I grew up without cell phones or computers I find this an odd approach to communication.  It was a long time before I got my curmudgeon husband to even buy a cell phone and since he hardly uses it, he has 700 minutes on it.  He says when the Martians finally contact him he will be able to have a long, long conversation.  He never texts and when I mentioned to him that he would never text a serious message to me, he said he wouldn't text me to put the burgers on the grill.  I like living with a comedian!

Be sure to check out my YouTubes.  Just put my name in the search.

Also check out my large canvas print specials this week on Fine Art America and look for Reaching Out on The Mindy Project!  There were three shots of it on the second episode.

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