Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Knocking hard on wood and You might get another political announcement...

Lately I feel like I am slogging through mud trying to get things done.  A little over a week ago my husband and son came down with a nasty virus and I slathered on hand sanitizer and knocked on wood all over the house.  I didn't get their bugs but it is so hard to work when you have sick people to care for.  My son got better and then last night started a different viral infection while my husband is still hacking from the first one.  I keep wanting to put up another YouTube video but I need the time to do it and quiet to record.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow I can get my third one up which will be on Blue Ridge Vistas. I have my piano music on Audacity for the background and the paintings up.  Fingers crossed!

I keep seeing this ad on TV about a device that removes hair, a grooming practice which didn't use to be so important.  I guess we went from long hair hippies to short hair or bald on purpose kids without a hair anywhere else on their bodies.  I jokingly told my husband I wanted to order one of the devices.  He said I better not because I might get another political commercial to go with it.  I might get someone telling me to vote Republican.  Democrats have too much hair.  Just kidding around!

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