Friday, October 12, 2012

Sold Another Original and You Married Me...

 I am pleased to sell another original Blue Ridge Mountain oil painting of Clover Hollow in Giles County to a great patron in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I am especially pleased with the brushwork of this painting and the warm/cool color contrast.

 I am really enjoying my excursion into non-objective or non-figurative art for a while.  I am doing some oils and some acrylics and the process is absorbing and intricate.  Even though I am, and have always been a representational artist, I find it next door to impossible to convince people that all levels of abstraction are the same to me in regards to how the painting is done.  I may base a painting on a scene from nature but I am not a slave to it and my decisions regarding spacing, line, color,  texture, and brushwork  are pretty much the same regardless of the level of abstraction. The painting takes on a life of its own.

I was glad that my drawing, "Reaching Out", was visible on the second episode of The Mindy Project which I thought was the best of the three that have been shown.  Hope to see it again on the next episode.  I wish they had placed it on the wall with all the diplomas.  It is on the wall opposite that one and they seem to concentrate on Mindy's desk and the wall across from her.

My husband is still feeling pretty awful from a viral infection so my comedy writer has been off for a while.  I haven't thought of anything myself but I am going to repeat something I saw on Facebook.  A woman says her husband thinks she is crazy but she isn't the one that married her.  Something to think about!
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