Sunday, October 7, 2012

Check out my Second Video on Portraits and Mice in there...

I am pleased to have posted my second video.  This one is on my portrait work and includes my recent portrait of the virtuoso violinist David Garrett.  I think the photography turned out well and the music helps to enhance the discussion of the paintings.   The next one will be on my many landscapes of The Blue Ridge Mountains.

I came so close to throwing the computer out of the window yesterday.  I don't understand the ridiculous problems I encounter when trying to do simple things on it.  Why does the software change?  Why did my tutorials disappear on Aperture?  Why did the button that said workable movie disappear on my Canon software and was replaced with an upload to YouTube that would not accept my username and password?  Argh!!!!!  My husband came home, fiddled with it for a while, found my video and placed it on the desktop.  All I can say is I better leave this life before him or I may take a hatchet to the computer and then I would really be in a fix.

He explained to me that there are mice running around on the computer.  Each one is vying for the same piece of cheese in the software and they thumb their noses at the ones that don't get it.  I think some computer geek needs to invent a computer mousetrap.  The mouse we use to click is enough!

Don't forget to watch The Mindy Project!  It is a great show and since my drawing, "Reaching Out", is on it, I can say it has great artwork on the set!

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