Friday, September 7, 2012

What a Dump and Update on My Modest Proposal...

I am a frustrated neaknik.  I want everything to be perfectly in order throughout the house and in my studio.  I want everything in its proper place and the house clean as a hospital.  What a ridiculous notion!  I live with two guys that would let a trashcan pile up to the ceiling if I didn't take care of it myself or ask them to empty it.  Our computer room/guest room has a bed that is always covered up in my husband's stuff.  I think he thinks it is a table.  My son has greatly improved.  We use to call his room the Bermuda Triangle.  I have no room to talk.  My studio is almost always filthy.  So this week I have been cleaning it out and I am desperate to get back to work.  Almost there!

In my last blog I posted my Modest Proposal regarding political commercials on TV.  My sarcastic notion was that at this time of the year all commercials should be political since we just don't have enough of them.  We should get at least two phone calls every hour from each party.

I posted the idea on Facebook and the comments were great!  One friend called it an indecent proposal.  Another one said we should get calls during breakfast and lunch rather than just at dinner time.  Another said that's the spirit!  Another friend thought it would be great if she could get one early enough in the morning so she could retire her alarm clock.

September 25th is coming so be sure to tune in to The Mindy Project and look for my best selling print, "Reaching Out", in the main character's office!

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