Sunday, September 16, 2012

Audacious Recording and I'll just get it Some Place Else...

It is bad enough that I have so much trouble with computers but now I am trying to use Audacity to record my music for some short videos and I am as confused as ever.  The good thing is now I can hear my weaknesses and am working to correct them so my amateur efforts sound reasonably okay.  You really can't hear yourself play so this recording stuff is very helpful.  Musicians that perform in front of people are absolutely amazing to me.  I even get nervous playing for a recording that no one has to hear but me.   They either have nerves of steel or are just used to being on stage.  I never got used to standing in front of a class.  I was always sick to my stomach but I did it anyway.  So glad to be a full-time artist now!

The new law about soft drinks is a real crack up!  I wish we could legislate health but I think it is impossible.  Prohibition didn't work and now soft drink limits are just going to stir up a lot of jokes such as, "If you won't sell me a bigger drink I will just go somewhere else!"  People will be boot-legging large gulp colas and speakeasies will crop up again. Seriously, I wish everyone would be more careful to keep their weight down.  The tremendous increase in Diabetes type 2 is the result of our obesity problem.  I think there should be a weight watching course of some sort in elementary school.  If children are taught good eating habits I think they will continue to use them as they grow up.

Just eleven more days until I see my best-selling print, "Reaching Out", on The Mindy Project!  I hope the show is a success and I hope the print will be located where it will be easy to see.  I hope I won't be yelling, "Get out of the way!"
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