Saturday, August 11, 2012

Strangest Bot I have Gotten and Which is More Likely...

I have had some weird experiences with bots but this one takes the cake.  Often I will get hits from the same place on four of my paintings in succession.  There is a different address each time this happens  They are always in the same order and these paintings are not together in my images or together in a gallery.  One of them was not getting many hits before this started to happen and now it is way up there and climbing every day. Oh well. I know bots are not a bad thing but this one certainly is selective!

With all the political commercials right now it is hard not to come up with a joke.  Here is one from my husband.

Which is more likely?

a. Congress may do some work in November,

  (as stated in a newspaper headline)

b. a team of Zoo monkeys will build a rocket and pilot it successfully to Mars by Christmas-

My money is on the monkeys!

Be sure to check out my canvas print specials starting tomorrow.  I will have "Reaching Out" on sale which, if you read the last blog, then you know it has been selected from over 3 million pieces of artwork from over 119,000 artists on Fine Art America to be on the set of the new sit-com, "The Mindy Project" which will air September 25th.  The set director bought and licensed an 8"x10" print to be place in the main character's office.

The other two specials are below.
Art Prints
Photography Prints

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