Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another Beautiful Nude and A Modest Proposal...

I am so pleased to add "Dreaming" to my Beautiful Nudes series.  This one has a delicate, cascading look and lovely linear patterns.  I re-named the gallery to Beautiful Girls since I have some clothed model drawings that I am adding.  I especially like to mix charcoal and white conte crayon for these drawings.  The textures created by the mixtures are soft and sensuous.

  I have a modest proposal. I have decided that at this time of the year there should only be political commercials on TV.  We simply do not have enough of them.  Why should corporations bother with products when they have to get a candidate elected that will do them the most good? Every household should get at least two political phone calls every hour - one from the Democrats and one from the Republicans.  Since whoever has the gold rules, then the rich that own the politicians should have all the air time and they should monopolize our phones.

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