Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Settling Point and It they Smile and Wink...

Yesterday I put the last layer on the third large painting I am working on and as usual I went through the typical stages of oil painting.  The first stage is this is fun!  The second stage is this is getting difficult and I am running into problems with the composition and color contrast because I am paying too much attention to the colors.  The third stage is I am determined to arm wrestle this thing down and the fourth stage is, not exactly what I was going for but I am ready to settle for what I got.  Now I will work in a few areas and put them away after I add them to my portfolio.  The fourth stage is the best.  A long time from now I will look at it them, be impressed with the results, and try real hard to remember what it was that I didn't like.  I have learned over many years how to let a painting live.  I never get exactly what I want but I get very close because I work so hard at it!

My husband and I were discussing food and drug regulations and how certain things get passed only to be banned later.  He decided that if the rats drink it all, smile, wink and don't keel over right away the product is safe.  Just kidding around!  I don't want the FDA to come after us!

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