Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Glad I Paint Standing Up and Didn't I Just Call you Stupid...

Painting is a lot of work as any painter will tell you.  A lot of people think it is done sitting down and finished in a few hours.  Actually, most painters stand up so they can walk back and forth and see how it looks from a distance.  Artists want people to get the full effect of their work in a room without having to get up close.  We want out work to carry into the environment.  I remember when I was a student I only stood up once in a while because the professor said I should.  I can't image sitting now and since I have developed some soreness in my hip I am glad it is done standing up.  Many people are finding out that we shouldn't sit that much.  My husband says some of his co-workers have put their computer up high so they can stand and work.  Older bodies sure do need a lot of maintenance.

The other day on The Bill Cosby Show he was discussing with his son the pet names he and his wife had when they were dating.  He didn't want to admit it at first but then with a big smile he said his was Baby Cakes.  I turned to my husband and said didn't I just call you Stupid?  His reply was, yes and I answered to it.  Now that's a big lie!  My husband may have his faults but I would never call him Stupid.  Before I look anything up I ask him first, and unlike the panel of experts on the Red Green Comedy Hour he almost always has a correct answer for me.  It is nice to live with some one who read the Encyclopedia and still remembers what he read.

Just one day left on my large canvas print specials on some of my most popular paintings.  They are on page two and five.

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