Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Cable Guy Finally got us and the TV Blew up...

We finally gave in to cable when we couldn't get any channels in without the bleeping in and out reception.  After all these years I was not happy about calling for cable.  The guy got here at 8:30am yesterday and didn't finish until 1:30pm.  I had to clean out my refrigerator and clean off the front bulletin board to keep occupied.  He hit a stud outside and hammered his finger.  I didn't catch the specific words but he later apologized for the language.  The Gestapo mini dobermans were squealing the whole time and one especially small one squeezed through the fence to harass our old dog.  I called the dog catcher because I know the neighbors will just prop up things by their fence which doesn't work.  She took the dog off and asked me how I could stand all that barking and squealing.  The neighbors wouldn't come to the door when she knocked.

This morning when I was trying to keep the ting in painting my son was watching the TV with cable and it went completely dead. I called the cable guy because I thought that it was too coincidental that it died right after the cable was installed.  He assured me that the cable hook up would not break a TV so now we have to buy a new one. 

In the above paragraph I was trying to be funny in a slightly grim way but when I ran it past my writer husband he didn't get it.  If you take ting off of painting you have pain which is what can be the word that sums up a frustrating painting session.  I won't get into the details because it won't make any sense but today's session was not pleasant.  Sometimes painting is a mountain top experience and other times it is much, much lower.

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