Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Think I am Turning into a Computer Part and I can Stump Jeeves...

I think I am becoming an extension of this computer which is not something I had planned to be but it is the way to get my artwork out there so I am typing away and working with sites for much more time then I would like to be.  When computers started to take over I stepped back which I regret.  I didn't grow up with them so  I should have gotten with it right away.  I am still confused much of the time but the one great thing about computers is you can ask them anything! 

My husband used to joke about the Ask Jeeves feature.  Supposedly Jeeves can't be stumped.  You can ask him anything.  My husband claims he stumps Jeeves all the time. He asks Jeeves how much money he makes, where he lives, and what he really does for a living.  I wonder what Jeeves thinks about those questions. Maybe I should ask Jeeves if I will do better with my sales this year.  Sure am going through a slow period right now.  Hope things pick up soon. 

I am having a great time with my paintings right now.  I have never gotten this close to exactly what I want before.  I never get exactly what I want which is why painting is such an exciting experience.  If I knew exactly what I was doing and could do the same thing each time it would be boring. It is always an adventure and I will be pleased to post these new works but it will probably be about two more weeks before they will be ready.

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