Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Plot Thickens and What did the Leftover say...

In another blog I swore I would not give in to Cable TV.  We finally gave in to cell phones when land lines started to disappear in public places.  I didn't mind giving in to that one since there are great deals on the internet for people that mostly just use them for emergencies.  This Digital Conspiracy is wearing us down.  Either our antennae is messed up or it is getting harder and harder to get a signal from the various channels.  Now we can't get most channels even when the weather is cool and there are no storms around.  I mostly watch DVDs but there are a few programs we like and I am missing PBS more and more.  I may have to eat my words and get cable.  I come from a family of stubborns.  As my sister said, "Two big stubborns make four little stubborns,  Yuck!  Another bill!

My writer husband, Clyde, is kindly trying to come up with some humor for my blog since I certainly am not a writer.  I really appreciate it.  We all need humor.  This time he came up with a riddle.  What did the leftover say to the other items in the refrigerator when it was put back for a second time?  Curses, foiled again!

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