Saturday, June 2, 2012

My First Text Scam and Portland Oregon?

A few days ago I received my first text scam which was a big surprise.  I have been getting frequent scams on the internet for years so at first I thought this was a legitimate local buyer who really wanted to see more pictures before deciding to purchase the painting.  I actually took two more pictures - one with the frame and one without.  I took great care to get them exactly right and then sent them to the scammer.  He didn't answer right away so I thought he was not happy with the pictures.  Then I got the standard scam letter in which he said he was completely satisfied with the pictures and he would pay $20 more if I took the ad off, and, of course, he would send a check and a private shipping agent to get the painting.  I am always polite with these people but I would like to cuss them out big time. What a bunch of creeps!

A day or so ago my husband and I were watching Let's Make a Deal which my husband likes after work to relax.  We were both surprised when the contestant won a trip to Portland, Oregon. My husband said, "What if he is from Portland, Oregon?"  Of course, he wasn't but he didn't look that excited and the audience didn't seem that impressed.  The picture showed the city in front of a volcano.  My husband said if he had won the trip the dormant Mt. Hood would probably go off as soon as he arrived.  No doubt!  Just kidding around!  I'm sure Portland is a great place to visit!

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