Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Loving the Magic Hour and That one is Kryptonite

I am really into the magic hour which, as photographers all know, is the hour or so after sunrise or before sunset when shadows are long and cool colors are easier to see.  So many of my paintings have variations of this beautiful light in the mountains and shore scenes.  I do not work plein air because my work is not meant to hang outdoors and a painting done outdoors is completely different indoors.  I mostly work from photographs I take and modify them according to what I have internalized over the years.  I also put my feelings into the work through visual language which is extremely hard to explain.  I love what I do.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in late June.  Of course, you can tell by our pictures that we got married when we were both twelve.  Anyway, we are still together and have been very happy.  We have one son, Alan, who drives us crazy, but he is a great guy and we are proud of him.  The 35th is certainly a milestone.   I am reminded of what the character Howard said on The Red Green Show which we miss very much since we can't get a signal due to the digital takeover.  He was going over the different anniversaries, silver for 25th, Gold for 50th, Diamond for 75th, and then he said the 100th is Kryptonite!   I don't think we will make it to that one!

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