Saturday, May 26, 2012

Technology is Getting me Down and It is not Going to be Pretty

Yesterday morning I spilled coffee all over my off white rug.  I should have gotten back into bed at that point.  The next thing that went wrong was my DVD box remote.  I don't watch much TV but I like to watch small sections of movies for breaks during the day.  The remote wouldn't work and I don't have time to sit down and watch the whole thing so that was the end of that.  Then the real fiasco that matters big time.  I was working on correcting a photograph of a painting on Aperture and a small light came on and the computer froze.  Now I can't import anything or crop anything that I have on there.  This is a big problem for me as I am one of the artists on FAA that occasionally has image problems that need to be corrected before the print can be sold.  I hope someone can help me tomorrow.

TECHNOLOGY IS REALLY GETTING ME DOWN!!!  If they ever computerize closets and bathrooms there will probably be a naked old woman looking for a bush and at my age that won't be pretty.  The image certainly won't be like the girls in my Beautiful Nudes folder.  I just hope the computer geeks lay off the bathroom and the closets.

On a brighter note my paintings are coming along and I think I have achieved more complex surfaces than ever before. The colors are like jewels and the experience of working on them is wonderful.
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