Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Now They are Coming to the Door and the Big Three are Coming Along

As I mentioned in another blog my husband and I are two of about five people in the world that don't have cable and are still holding out against the continual barrage of advertisements.  My husband says the other three are in the Antarctica photographing penguins.  Every week we get four or five offers in the mail for cable, satellite, dish, etc.  I am forever tearing up these letters.  This last week they got tough.  We have had two cable guys actually come to our door.  This has never happened before.  It is interesting to me that this new effort coincides with my digital TV problems that would be cured by cable.  When it is hot I can't get Judge Judy or Big Bang reruns which is about all I watch.  We lost PBS with digital but I can find the programs I watched on DVDs in the library.  We are not giving in!  I am a movie buff and I can live without TV and I refuse to pay to watch it.  ARE YOU CABLE GUYS LISTENING!  GIVE UP!  WE WILL NOT SURRENDER!

My three large paintings are coming along and I am definitely changing my approach as always.  Painting, like my hair, is a new experience every day!  I never know what to expect as I try to boss them around and instead they boss me around until I give in and just enjoy the ride.  Two of them are shore scenes and one is another field near Rocky Knob where my husband should have a mail box.  I think there should be a marker where he sits during hawk migration.  Any way it is great to have more time to paint and I will be pleased to add them to my portfolio on the web.

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