Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back to Chasing Mineral Spirits Out and Ants Do Not have Teeth

I like pastels but now that I have finished my portrait of renowned violinist David Garrett, I am glad to be putting up with a noisy exhaust fan so I can paint in oils.  I read somewhere that visually oriented people have trouble with distracting sounds which is probably why I have to force myself to turn the exhaust fan on.  I also have a hard time with vacuum cleaners and I always cover my ears when the jets go over.  I like all mediums but oil paint is what I love the most.  Happy to be back, especially after a vacation with more aggravation then fun.

As soon as the weather gets warm we have trouble with ants.  This year is much better than past years.  My husband cut back a tree that was scraping the roof and found a number of ants nests near the house.  We hardly have any in the kitchen but we have a good number in the bathroom on the other end of the house.  I jokingly asked my husband if they wanted to brush their teeth.  He asked me what I would want to do if I spent my time crawling around in the dirt.  But, of course, ants don't have teeth.  They have a mandible.  My husband countered with how do you know?  Have you ever really looked that close at one?

I think that as time goes on we are turning into George Burns and Gracie Allen. We certainly are not anywhere as near talented as them, but our humor does resemble their style . I'm not sure which of us is which.

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