Friday, May 4, 2012

So Glad to Sell Another Canvas Print of A Break in the Clouds and I Think I am one of Those People...

I'm so pleased to sell another large canvas print of one of my two most popular pieces of artwork on Fine Art America.  A Break in the Clouds and Reaching Out have sold more than any of my other paintings or drawings.  It is exciting to see my work so high in the search results.  If you put Mountains Paintings in the search, A Break in the Clouds is #3 out of 10,000+.  If you put Mountains oil  paintings in the search it is #1 out of 1790.  It is also #3 out of 6304 Nature Oil paintings.  I work hard at promoting my artwork and am pleased to see increased sales. 

On Facebook today there was a joke with Daffy Duck about stupid people.  The gist was that a day without stupid people would be... I don't know.  I'll let you know if it ever happens.  I decided to share the joke with my 1265 friends and a lot of people liked it.  A while after I shared it occurred to me that I couldn't really agree with Daffy Duck because I can be pretty stupid myself so I added that as a comment.  I added that I do some real stupid things but I don't think I am stupid 24/7.  I hope there aren't any people I know that would disagree.  I think we are all smart and stupid at times.  The trick is to be more smart than stupid.  Live and learn or is it live and learn too late?

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