Friday, May 18, 2012

Great to See Jackie Gleason Again and If Stupidity Were...

I don't have a lot to say about my paintings today except that I am surprised I'm not covering them up this time.  I had gotten to the point that It was too difficult to do anything else if I could see my current paintings so I covered them after my sessions.  This time I am checking them out through the day without grabbing a paint brush and turning on the exhaust fan.  Art is a weird but fascinating experience.

One of my all time favorite programs is the Honey Mooners with the late, great Jackie Gleason. Roanoke has started a station called MeTV with the programs of the sixties.  Jackie Gleason was an incredible entertainer and it is wonderful to see him and his terrific cast again.  No one could turn dancing into comedy the way he did.  What fun!

My husband is always coming home with stories about drivers that practically hit him while they are on the cell phone, tailgators that practically climb into the trunk, and speeders that almost run him over.  He has decided that if stupidity were gasoline there would be no shortage anywhere.  We would have an endless supply.

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