Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back off Murphy and Do Not Put a Speedometer on Me

I think the famous Murphy of Murphy's Law which states that if anything can go wrong it will, loves to stalk people on vacation.  Every year we go to South Carolina with friends for a week on the beach.  We have had our share of mishaps in  the past but this one out did all the others.  The first day my  husband woke up with some pain in a leg muscle so  he thought the thing to do would be to take a long walk and stretch it out.  Wrong!  He made it much worse and could hardly walk for most of the vacation.  One of our friends was driving and was approaching a draw bridge.  He turned his head for a second and hadn't noticed the bridge was up and the traffic was stopped.  He TOTALED his car.  Fortunately, he and his girl friend were not hurt and no one was hurt in the car he rear ended.  We hit the one week this spring that the beach was not in the 80's or 90's so I was only able to swim the first day and the last day.  It was just too cold.  Oh  well.  We still had fun with our friends in spite of Murphy.

My husband is  becoming increasingly concerned  with his health  problems.  Between his stomach and the horrible muscle problem he just had he is wondering  if he is going to make it to the golden years. I told him he has to keep going and he said just don't put a speedometer on him because it  may not register anything.
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