Friday, April 6, 2012

Now That is What I Call Feedback and Maybe We Should call it...

My most recent patron that bought Blue Ridge Autumn gave me such great feedback that I just had to re-print it here. I always worry when I sell an original over the internet. Computer monitors vary so much so that I have no way of knowing whether or not the patron is getting an accurate image of my painting. This patron was quite pleased as you can see!

Absolutely breathtaking painting. Picture does not do the artist justice! It will look great in my living room. I will definitely be back. Very quick shipment of artwork. I love this artist!

My husband and I were discussing the amount of commercials on TV these days. We both think there may come a time when the commercials take up more time than the show. We are forever clicking the mute button. Maybe we should call it Mutavision instead of television. Oh well. I mostly just watch DVDs. I am a big movie buff and our library gets great stuff. One of my friends that works there calls me up when they get something she knows I will like. What a sweetheart!

Don't forget about my Limited Time specials on Fine Art America! I have my favorite small painting, "Burning Shore", up this week along with "A Break in the Clouds", and "Breakers at Pawleys Island". Check it out!
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