Monday, April 2, 2012

Beach Time is Coming and Getting Rid of Them May be the real Art

It is no wonder I have a number of beach scenes in my portfolio. I have been going to the beach almost every summer of my life and it won't be long before we are there again! Even if I didn't like to body surf I would still love the beach. I just like staring at the water and the house we rent is on a canal with dolphins! I wish we could stay longer than a week but it is better than no beach time. Got to get my salt water fix! I have relatives that hate the beach. They don't like the sand. They say it would be a great place with out the sand. I love the sand and I especially love walking in it along the breakers.
I am still having trouble with my leg at times but that will not stop me.

Last night we were watching a I Love Lucy re-run and Lucy explained to Ethel that catching men is like riding a bike. Once you learn, you never forget. My husband added that for some women the real talent is not catching them but getting rid of them. I think he may have something there. Can't say I want to get rid of mine though.

Hope everyone that celebrates Easter has a great time!

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