Friday, May 9, 2014

Staunton Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and So Pleased to sell Another Original Painting!

My Artwork

n.albemarlecopyrightNorth Albemarle, McLean Virginia      Original 30"x40"    $2425

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at     KENDALL KESSLER ART

Here is a beautiful Mclean garden!

neardedmoncopyrightNear The Dedmon Center     Original  11"x14" Oil Painting      $313

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at     KENDALL KESSLER ART

Great View of The New River by The Dedmon Center at Radford University!

nearkirbycopyrightNear Kirby Road     Original Oil Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at     KENDALL KESSLER ART

This is where I spent much of my childhood!  It is no wonder I married a naturalist.

Staunton Virginia Ghost Story

I am still finding news ghost stories.  Here is a Staunton, Virginia spooky tale!

The Bell Grae Inn Ghost Story

This Inn is haunted by Mrs. Bagsby since the 1800's. She unlocks door and play other tricks. It has been reported that she has caused the Inn's hot water supply to bypass a guest that she does not like.
The Inn claims guests can experience this ghost if they stay in Room 7!  I thought 7 was a lucky number.  Not in this case!
 Recent Sale

I am so pleased to sell another Blue Ridge Vista to a great patron in Charlottesville, VA.  Blue Ridge Meadow is one of my favorites!  I had it hanging next to my computer.  I'm glad it will have a great home!  I can't take them with me.

 Art Prints

Life with The Bird and Word Man - Clyde Kessler

I wanted to be sure to announce The 40th Annual Mount Rogers Naturalist Rally that starts today!  What a great opportunity to learn about this wonderful mountain region and gain insight to ways to preserve the wildlife and natural beauty of this region I have happily spent my adult life in!

I cannot imagine living anywhere else and I never tire of painting the incredible atmospheric effects of The New River Valley and the surrounding areas!
Please come out and have a great time!

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