Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sold another print of A Break in the Clouds, one of Wildflower Current and Maybe they struck a rock...

So pleased to sell another large canvas print of A Break in the Clouds and my first print of Wildflower Current!  Both of these paintings are very special to me.  My husband, Clyde Kessler has spent countless hours researching birds and butterflies at Rock Castle Gorge on The Blue Ridge Parkway which is where A Break in the Clouds comes from.  Wildflower Current is one of my best celebrations of color and texture!  It is a vibrant beauty and I hope to sell many more prints of it.  The original is still available.  A Break in the Clouds sold the first time I exhibited it.

I have both paintings in the Limited Time Promotions section of Fine Art America.  They are on pages three and four.  Check it out!  Large(24"x36") canvas prints at 40% off available for a short time.

I get a lot of scammers on my phone regarding painting sales.  I have mentioned in previous blogs about the scammers that want to send me a check that is more than the price of the painting and then I am supposed to pay their  private shipper out of the excess amount.  Of course, the check is bogus and I would be out the money I send the shipper that never shows up if I were stupid enough to fall for the scam.  Funny thing.  I stopped getting the scams for such a long time that I said to my husband that maybe the head scammer sent out a message to not waste your text money on me.

A few days ago they started up again!  My husband said maybe they struck a rock on the river and all their equipment fell off the raft they were living on.  They must have re-built and gotten another computer and cell phone.  Anyway, they still have no hope with me.

Art Prints

Art Prints

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