Thursday, May 9, 2013

Check out my Photographs and Yes they do...

Painting is my passion but I also like to take photographs so I decided to add them to my portfolio.  I have noticed a number of artists have photographs along with their paintings or drawings or whatever.  I like to create spatial and colorful effects with the camera.  Most of my paintings start with a photograph I take but I change them considerably until I like my painting much more than I like the photograph.  As I have said before, photo realism is just not for me.  Got to have elaborate, complicated, expressive brushwork.  You can't reproduce a photograph with that in it.  Anyway, I am pleased with my new folder which is entitled I love the Beach Creative Photographs. I hope to sell prints of them.

On the way home from a vacation I was starting to get punchy behind the wheel so I decided it was time to goad my husband into saying something that would make me laugh.  I saw the sign that said traffic speed enforced by aircraft or something like that so I asked my husband if that meant an airplane would swoop down and give me a ticket.  He said no but they have a special airplane that swoops down and sucks up the offending car and then takes it right to the police station.  He says that is an old joke but I hadn't heard it before so it made me laugh.  Glad to be home!

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Photography Prints

Photography Prints

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