Sunday, March 31, 2013

Got to get some white and Life affirming experience...

A week ago Thursday I finished one of many layers of a portrait commission I am working on and most of it is still soaking wet!  I went online and ordered some Utrecht white which I hope will arrive soon.  I hope this is not a trend.  I can't handle waiting all this time to get to each layer.  I don't even use any kind of medium, just mineral spirits.  As always, I am working on a number of paintings at the same time but this drying time has got to speed up.  I am way behind in uploading work so I will get to that soon.  There is no rest for workaholics!

Tonight my back is hurting which is nothing new.  I used to have horrible back pain due to a ruptured disc but I worked hard to build myself up and I don't have that excrutiating pain down my legs anymore.  I went back to skating and that was the end of severe back pain, but I do get sore.  I decided I needed to do something that is life affirming so I asked my husband if stuffing five fudge brownies in my mouth would be a life affirming experience.  He said it might be a fat affirming experience for me and a killer experience for him since he can't handle wheat.

Oh well!  They sure look good in the pan but I think I will save them for tomorrow's get together at my in-laws.

Mindy is back in her office!  I was glad to see my drawing again on the wall opposite her desk.  The show is getting good reviews so I think it will last.  Look for "Reaching Out" on The Mindy Project on Tuesday nights at 9:30 pm.

If you didn't see me on The Hour of Joy, check out episode 5 called Stardom on her site.

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