Monday, March 18, 2013

Working away on a Commission and Where is my onion?

 I am working away on my latest commission which brings me to the sad fact that I don't have my commission works online.  One in the long list of many things I need to do.  I am so busy with current work that it is hard to get up the energy to get caught up on things that should be done.  Oh well, I am glad that the first layer of the commission is done and the patron is very happy with the likeness of her father.  Now for all the other layers.

 Tonight as I was thinking about the evening meal I realized I only had a very small piece of onion to cook with the pork chops.  Earlier today My husband asked me if I needed anything since he was going to the store.  I went into the computer room and asked him where was the onion that I should have asked him for.  He replied that I didn't ask for one.  I said you would think after a million years of marriage you would be able to read my mind.  His reply was you would think after a million years of evolution I would be able to climb a tree but we both know that isn't going to happen.  I don't think I am going to get my onion unless I go to the store. Of course, I don't really expect my husband to read my mind but you would think after a million years of marriage...

 If you didn't see me on The Hour of Joy, be sure to check it out on her website.
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  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my latest painting, "Osprey Evening". Hope you check out my work on my website if you haven't already seen it.