Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Glad to sell another original and Where did it go...

Sold another original to a great patron in California!  This one was hard to let go.  "Blue Ridge Jewels" is true to it's title.  The colors are like jewels which is one of many reasons I love living in Southwest Virginia.  There is nothing like the vistas in this area and on The Blue Ridge Parkway which is the source for many of my paintings.  The patron that bought the painting said she has been looking at my paintings for "many moons" and will be buying more for her new home in Half Moon Bay California.  She and her husband are people after my own heart.  They are teachers.  Anyone that thinks teachers have a cushy job has never taught.  He or she would change their mind after one day in the classroom. I am grateful to all my teachers and I will never forget the many great comments I received from my students when I taught at Radford University.

The other day my husband and I became even more aware of how computers have changed our lives and our language.  I accidentally put something important in the trash.  I didn't know I could get it back out and was relieved when I did.  It made me wonder.  When the trash is emptied, where does it go?  I asked my husband and he said with a confused expression that he takes it to Seventeenth St. where he has been taking it for years. He thought I was talking about the recyclables.  Maybe I should take a break from my work and go phishing.  Just joking, of course, but I do love to fish!

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