Monday, March 25, 2013

What is with the white and Pass the Buck....

Not much in the way of news right now.  I am just content to work on my current portait commission and start some new works.  I don't know what the manufacturers are doing right now to white oil paint but I have a top brand that takes forever to dry.  Oil paint has always had a slow drying time but this new stuff is ridiculous.  I don't work wet-in-wet.  I combine a number of low-level impasto layers together and I am not used to waiting so long to get to the next layer.  I am glad the patron that hired me for the portrait commission is not in a hurry.  I can't blow on it.  Acrylics aren't for me, but right now they are looking pretty good. They dry at the speed of light compared to oils.

Our dog is well into her hundreds in dog years and our dog care activities are getting rather laborious.  It is difficult to get her outside.  I was coaxing her out with treats but now she isn't responding to that so I have to pull her which I hate to do. The other day I asked my husband to get her out and he passed the buck to our son.  I heard him say, ask her if she wants to go out and put her out even if she says no. What a smart alec!

That dog hasn't talked in years!  expressionism paintings

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