Monday, February 25, 2013

So glad to sell another print of Natural Rhythm, three originals, and What kind of error do you want...

I am so pleased to sell another print of the popular painting, "Natural Rhythm", to a great patron in Louisiana!  Also, three of my small paintings went to a great patron in Arizona!  It is great to sell prints, but it is especially great to sell originals!  The three that were selected were vibrant pieces that I will miss - especially "Peachy Sunset".  The wonderful thing about these small works is I can scan them into the computer and buyers can get huge prints.  And to make my week even better, I am starting a portrait commission.  I like portrait commissions but they can be difficult.  So far, I have had no complaints.  I always have the patrons check the likeness in the early stages so they will be happy with the end product.

I hate to bother my husband about writing but he is a published writer and knows grammar better than I ever will.  If my life depended on my knowledge of the parts of speech I would be dead.  Grammar was hard for me.  Like a lot of artists I have trouble with words so sometimes I get my husband to proof-read things I write so there won't be any glaring errors.  His smart-alec response to my request is what kind of errors do you want? NO ERRORS, SMARTY PANTS!

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Sell Art Online
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