Monday, February 11, 2013

Excited about new works and Ordering nuts online...

I am enjoying some small works right now!  I just uploaded "Color Ripples on the Blue Ridge" and have received a lot of hits and great comments!  I prefer to work large but right now I want to paint a few that can be scanned into the computer so people can order huge prints of them.  I have a number of galleries on my website and Megaview has 32 to choose from.  There are originals for sale in the gallery but it is possible to make huge prints of all of them.  My most popular one is "Stepping Stones on The New River".

A few days ago I noticed a strange low humming noise in our bedroom.  I asked my husband what he thought it was and he said he couldn't hear it.  Well,  if you think you are crazy because you are hearing things then you can't be crazy so I figured there was a noise.  I asked him to move around the room.  When he got close to the wall he said he could hear a slight hum coming from the roof.  I pretended to be scared and asked him what he thought it was.  I don't know, maybe a squirrel with an ipad is ordering nuts online.   So much for eerie noises!

Be sure to check out my weekly canvas print specials on Fine Art America and check out The Mindy Project for my drawing, "Reaching Out", in her office.  She hasn't been there for a while.  Hope they have more shots of it.

My appearance on The Hour of Joy will be on March 10th 11:00 am on FoxTV channel 27 out of Roanoke.  It will be on The Hour of Joy website.

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