Monday, March 5, 2012

I Think I will Report Them and Maybe X Squared Off...

I have tried in the past to sell paintings on Craigslist without success. I received scam emails but nothing more. I keep forgetting about the listings and then they expire. A few days ago I decided to renew listings and add some different ones. I like to try as many venues as possible to sell my artwork. I live to paint but I have bills to pay as one of my artist friends always says.

This time I can't believe the number of scams I am getting. Almost every time I check my email there are three or four scammers wanting me to take the listing off, wait for their bogus check, and they will send their private shipping agent. I guess these scammers are able to email listers without reading the advert. I put in caps that I do not send my artwork by any kind of private shipping arrangement and I only take Paypal. They would save us both time if they actually read my advert.

My favorite one is one I got from two different people explaining to me that they can't buy the painting right now because their cousin wrecked their car but they are having success with an online job and wouldn't I like to try that? I wonder what would happen if I hit the link they send. Probably computer wipe out. I get so many scammers that I haven't alerted Craigslist but I think I will on the next one. This is getting very tiresome.

On Facebook this week someone posted an Algebra joke. Algebra, quit looking for X. She is not coming back. My husband quickly added - Maybe she squared off with Y and Z and then found out she was greater than them. Love it!

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