Monday, March 12, 2012

All Those God Fearing People and The Real Challenge...

I am still getting a ridiculous number of scammers on my Craigslist postings. There are so many different addresses but I wonder if they really only come from a few crooks that prey on gullible people. It is sad to think that people fall for the bogus check-I'll send the shipper scam. Some of them want to pay me extra to take the advert off. I guess that way they won't hit the same listing with their scam. Anyway, all I know is there are a lot of God Fearing People on the internet that want to steal my money. They always make that part clear. They are God Fearing People so I should take them seriously.

The most recent commercial on Hover Rounds asks viewers is they have a lot of physical challenges. When they ask if getting to the kitchen is a challenge my husband says getting out of the kitchen is the real challenge. Considering the obesity problem in this country I think he has something there.

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