Friday, September 27, 2013

So glad to sell a Canvas Print from Kendall Expressions and Look under the Hood...

Not very long ago I started a new folder entitled Kendall Expressions in my portfolio and am so pleased that I just sold a canvas print of Lion Explosion to a great patron In Zionsville, Indiana!  As I have said before my work has Impressionistic and Expressionistic components but in these works I am letting my expressive side take over and it is great to get a sale so soon after I uploaded these works.

I am also pleased that I am really getting into the acrylic medium in a way that is endearing me to a type of paint that is not real high on my lists of favorites.  The colors are great but the fast drying time and the way it adheres to the canvas has always bothered me.  Most of my new Kendall Expressions paintings are in acrylics and I am starting to figure out how to apply the paint in a way that says me!  I look forward to future paintings and am also considering some ideas for oil paintings as well.

My husband has come up with another funny for the blog.  I love to add humor here!  First, I have to explain that a Sensei is an oriental sage.

What did the Sensei say to the garage mechanic?  Look under the hood, greasehopper!

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

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