Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beauty, Danger and The Blimpasaurus...

I just finished another acrylic painting in my new series, "Kendall Expressions", and am very pleased with the intense, vibrant color contrast in this one.  I wanted to combine the beauty of a wild animal, in this case the cougar, with the beauty of a wildflower field.  The title is one with several meanings.  To me, the animal is as beautiful as the wildflowers.  Both need our protection.  The danger is not really in the painting.  The danger is the lack of concern a lot of people have for both.

When I was a child I heard this saying all the time.  Nature will take care of itself.  I now know that is ridiculous and we have to be diligent to preserve our world.  If the honey bee goes, so does a great deal of our food.  I hope naturalists, like my husband, Clyde Kessler, can continue to educate people about environmental concerns.

My husband has a new joke about the Dinosaur Extinction Theory.  This is quite whacky but it is fun!  Instead of a meteor hitting the planet, maybe one dinosaur, the Blimposaurus, grew so big that it fell of a cliff and squished the others.  Not likely, but it does make for a comic image!

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