Monday, October 28, 2013

Never a Still Life and Swim off the Plate...

I am very excited about my current still life of an old purse in an intensely expressive style.  I am really getting into my own brand of Expressionism!  It is great to just react to the paint as feeling in these works.  The subject matter is secondary to the message about art that I am trying to convey. I pride myself on the amount of "life" I put in a still life.  They are anything but still- these are scintallating paintings!  I think the Kendall Expressions folder on my website is going to be a huge one.

My husband hates fish.  For years we hardly ever had it due to his dislike.  My son has no problem with it.  He eats any kind of fish or seafood.  My husband hates it all but he wants to eat it for health benefits.

His solution is to cover it with mustard.  The other night I mentioned to him the fish was swimming in mustard.  My husband's reply was he hoped it would swim off the plate and keep going!

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