Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Favorite Kendall Expression so far and I Got Nothing...

Still working in acrylics and gaining more respect for the medium.  As I have said before, I haven't met the medium I don't like but acrylics is not high on the list.  It is great to just use water for the medium but I get bogged down in the mixing of the paint.  When I put a lot of different colors on my brush with oil paint, the colors come through in an exciting, vibrant way.  I don't mix acrylics nearly as much because the colors tend to dull. So why am I using acrylics now?  Oil paint dries so slowly and for these paintings I want to move faster. Anyway, I think Bear Beauty is my best so far in my new folder Kendall Expressions! Check it out!

Unless I can get some humor from my husband when he comes home, I got nothing.  Just can't think of anything funny right now.  I haven't even seen a good funny on Facebook so I can't get anything there.  On well!  Keep smiling and please check out my portfolio!

The Mindy Project's new season starts September 17th! James Franco guest stars on the first episode! Hope to see my drawing, Reaching Out, again!

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