Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On the Wild Side and Maybe I need a sign....

I used to think that artists didn't really return to old paintings to re-work them.  I was wrong.  I have done that on a number of occasions and am doing that right now.  Pierre Bonnard, one of my heroes would work on three paintings at a time and turn them to the wall when he wasn't working on them.  I cover mine, too.  Paintings will drive you crazy if you let them.  I don't want to go crazy.  I like painting too much.  Anyway, years ago I did a painting of a tiger's head and didn't like it at all.  I put it away and when I was cleaning some things out I found it and decided to work on it again and it is coming right along!  Wild animals can be a a great experience in oil paint!  Colors and brushwork flying all over the place!

Tonight as I was making a right onto a gravel driveway in Montgomery County I slowed down so as not to mess up my car with ruts.  I still got off the main road in a reasonable amount of time but the car behind me screeched on the gas pedal to let me know what a jerk I was in his opinion.  I have to turn into this driveway every Friday so maybe I need a sign on my bumper  that says this driveway is full of ruts so I am turning slowly.  Give me a break all you creepy tailgators!

I have a large stencil with my Studio advertisement and phone number on the back windshield.  When we got home my husband answered the phone and all he heard was a loud, screetching whistle.  Maybe that was the guy that was behind me.  You think?

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