Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Completed Commission, and Am I going to Have to Research all my Dumb Ideas?

I finished my latest portrait commission of a Father and Daughter painting and up-loaded it yesterday.  This really is a charming portrait.  The patron lost her father to MS when she was young and this painting is a celebration of his life.  I will always remember his courage to keep working, even when he was in a wheel chair.  The daughter, who was a Daddy's girl, is trying to coax a smile out of her father.  She is delighted with the painting.

Still having a great time letting my expressive side take over and I now have the first one in my portfolio!  Check out the energy of this work!

I depend on my husband for some humor for the blog and last week he came up with The No Bell prize for underachievers.  As always, I thought that was hilarious but he decided to see if some one else had already come up with that quip.  Sure enough, he found a number of people that came up with that joke, including a Rapper.  So now he is wondering if he is going to have to research all his dumb ideas.  Oh well, my addition that I know a lot of people that could win the Not Quite a Ding a Ling Award is a first as far as he knows.

Be sure to check out my specials in The Limited Time section of Fine Art America and The Mindy Project is on Mondays right now. Look for Reaching Out in her office. I am pleased that the show has been renewed for another season!

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

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