Friday, July 26, 2013

My New Folder Kendall Expressions and You would download a Gorilla...

 I don't have a lot to say right now except that I am surprised at what some people put on Twitter.  The internet really can be a Trojan Horse.  I try to be careful and constantly on my guard against abusers and scammers.  I have artwork in 21 states, Germany, Canada, and Australia but if all those scams were real I would be in a lot more states and countries than that.  One person on Twitter sent me a vulgar question.  I'll be sure to drop him.

My painting keeps me going and I am very pleased with my new folder, Kendall Expressions, on my website  I am letting my expressive side lead the way into colorful works that scintillate the canvas!  Love what I do!

As always, computers hang me up.  I need to sign my photographs that I uploaded and some paintings that I uploaded from slides that don't have signatures.  I have looked at several tutorials on how to do that on Aperture and, as usual, the instructions don't match.  I am thinking about Downloading Gimp which is a free software program like Photoshop.  My husband is much more leary of the internet than I am and he claims I would download a gorilla.  If that gorilla could help me sign my artwork online, you bet I would!

Be sure to check out my Limited Time Promotions on Fine Art America and The Mindy Project with my drawing in her office is on Mondays at 9:30pm.  The show has been renewed for a second season.  Don't miss it!

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

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