Monday, January 20, 2014

Sold Prints of Beauty and Danger, A Break in the Clouds, and Take two...

Just sold another canvas print of my second best-selling print, "A Break in the Clouds" to a great patron in Wisconsin.  A jewelry box with Beauty and Danger on it went to a great patron in Maine.         
I am so pleased to keep selling A Break in the Clouds, which is a beautiful vista of Rock Castle Gorge on The Blue Ridge Parkway. My husband has spent so much time researching Birds and Butterflies there that I used to tease him that he needed a mailbox there.  That was before everyone was on a cell phone.

It hasn't been that long that I started Kendall Expressions on my website, so I am very happy to sell another one of the selections!  I am especially proud of Beauty and Danger!

My husband and I are getting a lot of mileage out of jokes about all the medications we are told to ask our doctor about that are followed by lawyers claiming to get compensation for damages done by some of them.

My husband's latest quip is take two and call your lawyer in the morning!

Here are some Big Cat Facts

Recent research has discovered that lions can actually count!  They can tell whether or not the amount of lions roaring on a tape was fewer or greater than their own number and were able to decide whether to stay or flee if they were outnumbered!

Out of all cats, the tiger is the largest with a body length of up to 3.3 meters and weighing up to 760 lb.

The nick name for leopards is Prima Ballerina or Prince of Cats.

Believe it or not, jaguars have been seen in the United States. Just this past March, a jaguar was spotted in Arizona.

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